What is businessBREATH®?

businessBreath® is a tool kit that is specially designed to give you a feeling of lightness in times of high pressure to perform and succeed in daily life and to help you stay in balance.
You benefit from this by integrating a higher level of satisfaction and quality of life into your everyday life and being able to make decisions with increased self-confidence and greater clarity.
The way we live is how we breathe. And the way we breathe, so we live.

  • Every thought, every health disorder and every physical movement is reflected in the breath. The breath is the mirror of our personal presence
  • The breath like a seismograph, as it reacts immediately to the most diverse mental states and states.
  • Working with the breath has a balancing effect. It is either relaxing or vitalizing.

The breath always has a balancing function. That means, if we feel tired, limp and exhausted, it can revitalize us. If I am hyperactive and I feel nervousness and restlessness, it can calm me down.