In the Group

The group work takes place while sitting, standing and moving, usually in the form of online session or a workshop (1-2 days).
Focus of the training:

  • the training of the ability “Sensation”
  • the training of the ability of “Attentivness
  • the ability to experience the individual breath movement
  • the training of intuition

Individual Coaching

The individual coaching begins with a detailed discussion about motivation and the desired achievement of goals. As with group work, it takes place either sitting, standing or moving. Alternatively, however, also on a couch.
If you decide to work on the couch - the so-called breath massage - the process is as follows:
You are lying on a couch. I accompany your breathing movement with gentle pressure, strokes and stretching movements and support you in dissolving possible blockages or in deepening your breathing movement. This not only stimulates your organism and provides it with a better oxygen supply, you may even be able to perceive deep relaxation and looseness while simultaneously experiencing vitality. Sensations, feelings and thoughts can thus be perceived more intensely and in a more differentiated manner.
The lesson ends with a final discussion.
The form of coaching is determined at the beginning of each lesson. An indication of the number of hours cannot be given in advance, as this is very individual.

For whom is businessBREATH® suitable

Breathing work is suitable for everyone who is curious and wants to get to know something new. It has a relaxing, balancing, vitalising and inspiring effect.

businessBREATH® does not replace treatment by a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychologist, but is a valuable addition to ongoing treatments. Medical treatments should be continued and future treatments should not be postponed or omitted.
The offers are not paid for by the health insurance companies. They serve the personal development of the participants. This also applies to breathing education support in times of exhaustion or illness.