About me

My name is Kirstin Keller and I am very happy that you found your way to my website.

With more than 15 years of professional experience in sales and marketing, I have a wide range of knowledge and leadership experience at management level.

These includes the position of Account Director in a Munich agency with well-known customers, the position of Head of Marketing Marketing for the Restaurant of the Future and McDelivery® at McDonald’s Germany LLC as well as the Head of Marketing position for Pizza Hut in Germany. Currently I am responsible at Staatliche Lotterie and Spielbankverwaltung in Munich as Teamlead for HR-Marketing and People Development.

The Breatwork

It found me and turned my life in a positive way completely upside down

From Outside...

This new vitality was also felt by my environment. More and more often I was told I was so different: happier, livelier, more open, more self-confident …

The Success...

Professionally, my personal change also had a positive effect:
Promotion after promotion followed


I am very grateful that I discovered working with the breath for myself and that I am able to pass this knowledge on. I've learned that I can be just as relaxed and happy in the here and now as on vacation. It depends on the inner attitude and the breath has become a guideline for me to keep this balance in life permanently..



  • 2022 Oxford Leadership - SML® Online Coach Certification
  • 2021 MHFA – Mental Health First Aid – accredited by the Central Institute of Mental Health
  • 2018 PMD (Program for Management Development) at IESE Business School / University of Navarra
  • 2018 Certified Supervisor (igf) in Gesprächs- und Focusingtherapie
  • 2018 Certified Digital Marketing Professional (Digital Marketing Institut)
  • 2016 Advanced training at  Breahtexperience in Vancouver/Kanada
    • Breathexperience in the Performing Arts (Workshop for Dancers, musicians, actors and singers) by Juerg Roeffler
    • Voice and Presentation Training with  Valerie Galvin www.standanddeliver.ca
  • 2016 SIY Workshop  (Search Inside Yourself) Google / Berlin
  • 2014 Certified Breathing Teacher AFA®, Member 1095, Institut for Breathing eductation by Dr. Anne Schaeffer-Riedl, Munich-Pasing
  • 2011 Trainer for Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Jacobson at Paracelsus
  • 2009 Nutrition Consultant (sgd)
  • 2004 Marketing Specialist (IHK)
  • 2003 Graduate in communications at Bavarian Academy for Communication (BAW)